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For those of you who were not able to join us, please take a moment to watch the latest openings of the Courage to Remember below.




Take a moment to click on each certificate below to view the prominent institutions across the country who have recognized SNCF, The Simon Wiesenthal Center's Museum of Tolerance, and the Foundation for California in our efforts to support Holocaust education, tribute and remembrance.

Thank you.








"This presents a great opportunity for the residents of Orange County to learn about man's capacity for evil and what we must do to prevent a repeat of these crimes.   It is clear that people of all faiths, backgrounds and ages can learn from this exhibit."

S. Scott Boyd
Commissioner District 1, Orange County Florida

"The Courage to Remember" exhibit shares the history of the Shoah. The historical teachings of this educational tool are universal and resonate with the people of all traditions, ages and backgrounds. I encourage organizations large and small throughout Florida to host this powerful exhibit so that as many people as possible can learn from its contents. Thank you again to the Simon Wiesenthal Center, the Jewish Federation of Brevard and the Foundation for California for your efforts with this project and I commend SNCF for its principled stance of confronting its history in the Shoah and generously sponsoring this world-renowned exhibit."

Senator Alan Hays
State Senator, District 11, Florida

Our students and faculty who viewed this exhibit took away a great deal from its contents, however difficult it was to view the brutality and suffering conveyed in the various images. It is vital that our society’s young learn what happened during this most awful of periods, and this learning tool is valuable to this end. We thank SNCF for acknowledging its role during World War II and for their generous sponsorship of “The Courage To Remember”. We also thank the Simon Wiesenthal Center, the Jewish Federation of Brevard and the Foundation For California for facilitating its display in our community.

Kenn Hitchcock

Principal Our Saviour Catholic Church
Cocoa Beach, FL


"Making Holocaust education programs available to the greater community free of charge is a mitzvah, and I thank the team that worked together on this project, namely, the Simon Wiesenthal Center, SNCF, the Jewish Federation of Brevard and the Foundation for California."

Loren Goldfarb
Deputy Mayor Town of Indialantic, Florida


"Six decades after the Holocaust, few Survivors and Liberators are still with us at this time. Now, more than ever, we must educate the young about what happened and double down on our commitment to battle hate in today's society and the ideologies that justified the Nazi's atrocities."

The Honorable Barbara Watson
Florida State Representative, D-107


"Over the course of seven days, 1558 persons in our community attended the exhibition. Nearly half of those who attended were students, ages 11-18, who came from eight schools and synagogues in Palm Beach and Broward Counties."

Stuart Silver, Esq
Vice President, Community Planning & Director, Jewish Community Relations Council


"On behalf of the City of Pomona, we hereby express our gratitude as without your efforts this exhibition would not have been able to touch the hearts of so many people."

Mayor Elliott Rothman, City of Pomona


"I want to thank your organization once again for its dedication to educating the public and commitment to ensuring the voices of the victims from the Holocaust are heard. I look forward to hearing of the good work your organization continues to do."

From a letter to SNCF, Ted S. Yoho, Member of Congress
Proudly Serving Florida's 3rd District


"I want to thank the Wiesenthal Center for Courage to Remember for this educational venture, I want to thank SNCF, it is interesting in the State Legislature, and I am going to talk about experience this past few years. You know California is thinking about embarking on ahigh speed rail endeavor and there are numbers of companies that wish to apply for the resources to develop and wish to develop this. During and I served on the transportation committee and during the hearings some of the hearings on a bill that was, SNCF was brought out and criticized because of their role during the second world war in the movement of Jews to the death camps. It was a horrible experience it was very difficult and painful just listening to this on the committee but I really want to applaud SNCF for acknowledging what took place, for saying that’s not who we are, that for stepping forward to educate people on what the Holocaust was all about, for being here for this exhibit, it is really a wonderful tribute to a company and I think it really reflects what we are here about, to remember, to remember and to grow from it….”

State Senator Alan Lowenthal, September 19, 2011 at the opening ceremony of Courage to Remember at California State University Long Beach in the main library


"… I honor the dedication of your organizations in making this exhibit a reality and available to the public. As should always be said, 'Never Again."

Mayor Jim Wood, City of Oceanside, CA May 31, 2013

“It may have been more than 75 years since the Holocaust, but violence motivated by race and ethnic background make up more than half of all hate crimes in Florida, and more than 65 percent of anti-religious hate crimes are against Jews, vastly more than any other religious group.

Holocaust education and tribute is critical in that it encourages new generations of forward-thinkers. ‘The Courage to Remember’ exhibit teaches tolerance of diversity, respect, and responsibility, and we are proud to host it in Broward County and across South Florida.”

Linda Medvin, Chair of the Florida Department of Education Commissioner's Task Force on Holocaust Education.


"… I want to thank the Museum of Tolerance, Sac State University, the Foundation and especially to the Société Nationale des Chemins de fer Français SNCF in France for making this commitment so far away from France, obviously a very meaningful exhibit for you ..There is a movie out now right now along these same lines called Sarah's Key, I do not know if there is sort of a reawakening in France, I know I have been back to the Shoah Memorial back there and I am glad to see the Holocaust is being remembered in France as it is in other parts of the world."

Sacramento City Councilman Steve Cohn, at the opening ceremony of Courage to Remember at California State University Sacramento, September 20, 2011


"The exhibit offered students, faculty and visitors to the university the opportunity to solemnly reflect on the lives lost and those who endured great suffering during this tragedy. During our opening reception and afternoon sessions, speakers addressed the importance of learning from the past so as not to repeat its mistakes and moving forward with grace toward healing."

Biola University

Courage to Remember Traveling Exhibit

The Holocaust 1933-1945
With nearly 200 original photographs, The Courage to Remember poster series offers compelling, new insights into the Holocaust. The story unfolds through four major themes: 

1. Nazi Germany, 1933-1938

2. Moving Toward the "Final Solution", 1939-1941

3. Annihilation in Nazi-occupied Europe, 1941-1945

4. Liberation - Building New Lives

On March 13, 1988, an Austria looked back on the 50th anniversary of the 'Anschluss', the Simon Wiesenthal Center won critical acclaim with the world debut of its travelling exhibition, THE COURAGE TO REMEMBER: The Holocaust 1933-1945, in Vienna's Palais Palffy.

This powerful 40-panel visual narrative on the Holocaust is now available in a full color series, which can be used as an educational display, or as your own permanent exhibition.

This series, unique in range and scope, is ideal for commemorative or educational use in community centers, high schools and universities, libraries, synagogues and churches, and by other interested organizations and individuals. The Wiesenthal Center has created a powerful and comprehensive educational tool which can be used as the centerpiece for special events, or as a visual curriculum for educators.

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