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“THE COURAGE TO REMEMBER”, an educational exhibit on the history of the Holocaust

February 9, 2012 through February 20, 2012

“The Courage To Remember” is a 42 panel educational exhibit on the Holocaust of 1933-1945.  It is an historical account of the Nazis’ murderous campaign in which 6 million Jews and others (political dissidents, P.O.W.’s, Slavs, Gypsies, homosexuals and the mentally ill) were killed between 1933 and 1945. The crimes of the Nazis during the Holocaust serve as a dark chapter of the 20th century.  Yet, the causes of the Holocaust remain with us today. Man’s flawed nature, racism and complacency of ordinary people in the persecution of others persist.

Therefore, the need for this exhibit.  Individual citizens must have the courage to remember, educate themselves of this tragedy and commit to prevent such crimes from happening again.

This exhibit of the Museum of Tolerance is made possible by an educational grant from SNCF and presented by the Foundation For California. It will be shown at the Vintage Faire Mall’s Center Court from February 9-20, 2012.

ABOUT THE FOUNDATION FOR CALIFORNIA: Incorporated in 1986, the Foundation For California, a non-profit 501(c)3 educational corporation, was established to perform educational programs on issues of importance to the State of California, its local communities and the people of California.  Over the past 25 years, the Foundation has hosted conferences on public policy issues, sponsored educational lecture series and unveiled traveling exhibits, bringing the important issues of our society to the forefront of discussion throughout California.

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